Under a solemn sky, amplify and wave a good-bye to cold concrete. Here is stage
whisper while a silver laced palm keeps cave to break the perspective of an alpine
landscape. Watch the snowflakes and listen to the colours turning grey. Somefade
away. Some create new ways. It is how it has been for aeons. Single parts overlap,
converging into something greater. Is it safe and sound? No one really knows.
Trample down all the bad ones, spare the ground. It might set off an avalanche.
Keep a balloon in your pocket or some random image to carry-over. Watch the halo,
but never trust it. It is unreal. It is just vision. It is charming without taste or tone. It is
red! Adrenaline will come. People compete and cry in self-contempt, striving to be
number one. Just relax and lie down. Lie and think positive! That is anthropogenic.
Some say it is man-made. It is golden for a few and worthless at any price. Sound, as
light as shadows, does not bear down a lack of stimulation. “I” cannot buy “it”.
YRA is a greasy fiveheaded cyber Yeti from the misty caves of Hamburg/northern Germany.