After more than three years of writing, composing, rehearsing, recording, arguing and fighting, we can finally announce that our second longplayer

‚Bursting with Flavour‘

is ready to be unleashed into this world. The 36 min album, featuring five diverse and colourful metal tracks, is the product of a long and eventful work process that took a lot from us and that eventually bears fruit. A rather unusual, prickly fruit that’s capable of ripping apart your taste buds. But still a fruit.

This work will take you on an intense rollercoaster ride that leads through fields of beautiful flowers buried under burning rubber. Wide, atmospheric landscapes, trampled by armies of axe swinging mutants that eat their own brains while singing a lullaby and finally into deep, calm oceans of acid. You know.

We’re also happy to tell you that Steffen Lohrey, a badass piano and fx divinty, joined our crew and transformed the four headed cyber yeti into a five headed one.

So stay tuned, folks and check it out.